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Hey, hi,
how ya doin'?

My mama named me 'Leigh', and it's pronounced 'Li', as in 'Jet Li'.
No relation though. 

I love traveling with my husband, cuddling with my dog, and designing websites that make people say:

'oh, now that's a pretty website'.

Read on to get to know me,

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Texas born and raised, I rooted for the Longhorns at The University of Texas at Austin, where I graduated as a Presidential Scholar and triple majored in International Relations, Religious / Philosophical Studies, and African Studies.

I studied abroad in Botswana, where I lived in a tent for 3 months while studying wildlife and plants and their response to human encroachment.

After graduation, I joined the US Air Force as an Officer, and bopped around Hawaii, then got a change of altitude and wardrobe when my detachment was then based in Denver. 

After my service, I helped to start a non-profit, where I managed the non-profit's social media, website, and public presence (amongst other roles, but so it goes in the non-profit world). I fell in love with digital design, and decided to change my career by going back to school to learn how to code and design websites. 

My first tech job was for a company that specializes in Artificial Intelligence for emergency notifications. My role was to design and build the emergency communication UI to convey critical, urgent information in aesthetically consumable ways. I was fortunate to be mentored by Google, Discord, and Samsung designers during that time, from who I learned UI design and color theory. Since then, I have built websites, logos, one-pagers, and pitch decks for clients that elevate the look of the client's brand and empower the client to acquire those key investors.

Building websites and branding material for clients is my passion -- it encourages me to be creative and experimental, connects me to new people and businesses from around the world, and empowers me to elevate a client's brand and set up their company for success. 

Click here to see my work. If you're ready to chat, shoot me an email.


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