Hey, hi,
how ya doin'?

My mama named me 'Leigh', and it's pronounced 'Li', as in 'Jet Li'.
No relation though. 

I love traveling with my husband, cuddling with my dog, and designing websites that make people say:

'oh, now that's a pretty website'.

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Texas born and raised, I now reside in Denver, where I met my husband, settled down, and we had ourselves a dog and a couple of plants. 

I played soccer in high school, and rooted for the Longhorns at The University of Texas at Austin, where I graduated as a Presidential Scholar and triple majored in International Relations, Religious / Philosophical Studies, and African Studies.

I studied abroad in Botswana, where I lived in a tent for 3 months while studying wildlife and plants and their response to human encroachment.

After graduation, I joined the US Air Force as an Officer, and bopped around Hawaii, then got a change of altitude and wardrobe when my detachment was then based in Denver. 

After my service, I helped to start a non-profit, where I managed the non-profit's social media, website, and public presence (amongst other roles, but so it goes in the non-profit world). I fell in love with digital design, and decided to change my career by going back to school to learn how to code and design websites. 

I now work full-time for a company that specializes in Artificial Intelligence for emergency notifications. I design and code out information that saves lives for large-scale organizations such as universities, factories and distribution centers, and hospitals. I am mentored by Google, Discord, and Samsung designers. 

Building websites and branding material for clients is fun for me -- it encourages me to be creative and experimental, enables me to meet new people and businesses from around the world, and empowers me to embolden a client's brand and to set up their company for success. 

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Covid Elopement

Sorry, mom!
My long-time boyfriend and I eloped to Montana. We spent $1200 on the entire experience, and made my bouquet and hat from silk flowers.


Catch Me Outside

A huge motivator for the change into tech is my love of the outdoors! 

It's ironic that I tend to have my greatest lightbulb ideas for design when I'm out on the trail.


Family Matters

My family is located in Texas, and I regularly visit them. 
It's a great excuse to eat Tex-Mex and wear my collection of cowboy boots!


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