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Client Highlights

We've worked with medical start-ups, oil companies, and non-profits. Check out our work and see if we can get you goin' on something beautiful and user-friendly.

NYC-based AI / MedTech Imaging Software

Screenshot 2024-04-07 at 6.20.34 PM.png

MT-based Medical Research Institute 

Screenshot 2024-04-07 at 6.24.29 PM.png

TX-based Mineral Rights + Oil company


MT-based Episcopal Church

Screenshot 2024-04-07 at 6.20.27 PM.png
creativeLeigh DIGITAL (1).png
This website is gorgeous -- I'm totally in love with it..... and I absolutely love my logos. I will share your name with my colleagues.
Thank you for being so on top of it, and moving so quickly.
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